Fashions of trousers change all the time, and you might find yourself surprised when the wholesale jeans you ordered are stuck in your warehouse. Let’s take a look at popular fashions, and consider which cheap pants should be available for you.

Tight dark jeans – this kind of jeans goes well with everything – could be work as working clothes, could even carry you through a party evening. Blank jeans like this are very customizable – both to you, the retailer or to the end user.

Good quality leggings – you can find some cheap leggings that don’t look cheap. Good quality leggings for women don’t have to be simply sportswear – they can be a nice addition to a skirt or you can use them as legging jeans.

Rugged trousers – order more durable jeans wholesale – not just for work, they need to present themselves as the toughest choice, perfect for parties and going hiking.

Standing out – bold colors, unusual cut – harem pants, capris, all useful addition to any woman’s wardrobe. You’ll be buying a lot less of these, but cheap pants that stand out attract customers. This applies to leggings for women – shiny leggings or a distinctive pattern of floral leggings is attractive and sassy.

Comfortable – a pair of loose, warm boyfriend jeans is great for daily errands – and it looks great too. Wholesale jeans suppliers offer both men’s blank jeans or more feminine boyfriend pants.

Office appropriate

Woman in trousers

pants – something more formal. You don’t have to buy only jeans wholesale, and you can find chinos or pleated jumpsuit. This is a mainstay, but don’t expect that they’ll fly off the shelves.


Sportswear – joggers, leggings for women, tracksuit pants – these are both for students and young businesswomen. Everyone wants to have a pair of cheap pants for running or biking – but keep in mind the alternatives, like weightlifting.