Is there anything more feminine than pantyhose? If you want to run a boutique you gotta stock up on wholesale tights. This is an article of clothing women buy sometimes by the dozens, cheap tights and leggings should be therefore the key basis of any small clothing store. Cheap tights can sometimes bring you 80% of your income – if ordered in bulk. And tights don’t necessarily have to mean pantyhose – you simply have to order cotton tights in winter and wholesale socks for men and women.


tights on display
How pantyhose might look in your store


So what kind of wholesale tights should I buy, you ask. Well, we answer, as usual, it depends on who your customers are. In general, it’s best to keep a lot of packs of wholesale pantyhose, decent amount of support tights for exercises. Designer pantyhose, in general, can look good but you can find a decent amount of very lovely non-brand-name cheap tights! For winter days you should also have a certain amount of cotton tights, they’re better than lycra. Girls tights must be versatile, they don’t only show off your legs but also need to keep them warm.

More on tights and socks

And should you have a wide variety of wholesale socks? Of course! Short feet, ballerinas, long ankle-length or even knee-length socks are also a great fashion accessory. You can top them with a couple of 1980s style legwarmers, and they can contrast with cheap socks and leggings. Be wary of wearing socks with wholesale pantyhose.

Women’s pantyhose available for you come in a multitude of fashions and styles, from dark as night to pristine white pantyhose! Patterns, laces, garter belts and stockings – all of it has their own place in a wardrobe of a grown woman – and girls stockings need to be fancy and fun. Even a serious adult woman wants to once in a while shock their coworkers by coming to her office in cheap tights.
In general, don’t save on the quantity – pantyhose and tights are in many ways meant to be quickly spoiled and no one will complain. Cotton tights should be more durable and you can freely recommend them to your customers, and they can be as sexy as the wholesale pantyhose. Contact the producer if you want them to offer more high quality but still cheap tights!