Winter’s coming so it’s high time we talked about cheap scarves. Or cheap scarfs – but both forms are correct 🙂 A scarf is not just an accessory, it’s one of the most practical tools in the arsenal of a modern lady. Warm and soft scarfs wholesale are great for these sad, depressing winter days.


woman in wholesale scarves
Woman in colorful scarf


Once you were forced to buy wholesale scarves made out of rough, itching dirty wool, but now we have a lot of other option available. You can buy hundreds of scarfs wholesale that are made of delicate cashmere or even elegant silk neck scarves that will also keep you warm and very elegant. Any bulk scarves dealer would have different options for you and your customers. Scarves are available in any colour and shape. A very popular option, for instance, is infinity scarves; they loop and are very long so you can tie your scarf many times around your neck. Young girls love wholesale scarves like this!


Wholesale scarves are funny because they should match the winter headgear and also the winter coat and jacket – but can contrast with them to a great effect. Some girls tuck their scarves under their coat collar, others display it proudly – especially if it’s fashionable and flashy. When buying scarves wholesale remember to be able to please both of these group. Offering both modest and ostentatious ones is a key for successful business. Don’t forget boys and women who are football fans and would like to display their favorite team’s logo!


A lot of salespeople who can present these bulk scarves increase their price when it starts snowing. It’s a clever tactic, but don’t overdo it. You can reward customers who plan ahead with a lower price, but don’t increase your markup far ahead. Cheap scarves are supposed to stay cheap.


beautiful woman in scarf
Beautiful woman in red scarf

And of course remember to accessorize. If someone wants to get a scarf, remember to stock up on gloves and hat in similar style, winter gear and other scarves wholesale must match a wider collection. Any wholesale scarfs supplier should be able to provide you with a decent set of winter gear, maybe even involving boots and leggings!



Finally, remember that if you stocked up on wholesale scarves, you might shoot your own foot with them! If you’re stocked up with fur coats, high-collared jacket your customers might not need scarfs! In such a case display them as an accessory or as a standalone gear. Wholesale scarves are a great way to act as a promotional item, added to such a jacket for free or at a lower price!