Less and less women are wearing the correct size of bras! It’s estimated that even 80% of women could be wearing ill-fitting underwear, and given the wide range of styles available on the market it’s very important. Many women choose to buy bras wholesale because of their appearance rather than the comfort of wear, instead of a cheap sports bras they select elegant lacy bras – that are stiff.


This is how you can display bras wholesale
This is how you can display bras wholesale


Even though there are many articles online on how to pick the correct size of bras and there even many bloggers and fashionable bra fitters who could advise you, many ladies are using bras that are too small or too large. Now that women use very different styles of brassieres like strapless, backless and halterneck it really is key to having a well-fitted bra. It is not just a support for your outfit, but it influences your posture and self-confidence.

How to advise when buying wholesale bras?

cheap wholesale bras can be very alluring

In general, there are five key signs on spotting an ill-fitted bra:

  • The center of the bra does not match the center of the chest – ideally, it should be right below your sternum.
  • Wires should support your bust and sit around the breast – not cut into it.
  • Breasts should be fully contained within the cups – not “pouring out”.
  • You should be able to fit two fingers underneath the back strap.
  • straps and supports shouldn’t leave welts or indents in your skin – loosen it up if they do.

There are also other side effects of wearing a bra that’s too tight, so consider these for your customers before purchasing wholesale bras!

  • headaches and back pains: an overly tight bra can cause tensions in your muscles, which can cause back pains or migraines.
  • Saggy breasts – Breasts can stretch in a bra that’s too large or not well-fitted, which makes them look saggy. Some can “bulge” over the top, creating a disgusting “four boob” effect.

Your bra size can fluctuate wildly for a number of reasons (even excluding mastectomies and other surgeries), so you should examine your bra size and shape every six months or so. There are many ways and guides to examine it.