In developed Western countries, such as the European Union and the USA, the place of T-shirts in the fashion industry and fashion trends seems low compared to other apparel, but the T-shirts have their own unique position – in-between fashion and art, combining personal expression and individual style. In the United States,  there are professional T-shirt designers and design companies, working on a multitude of various designs for schools, companies, and business. There are awards and conventions for such design experts, and many improvements are made for T-shirts using the latest scientific and technological achievements in the T-shirt printing equipment and printing dye. People order cheap plain t-shirts wholesale by containers! The humble T-shirt might not be appreciated by the fashion designers, but it, together with jeans is one of the most produced garments in the world – and it’s no wonder that “jeans and T-shirt” are now regarded as American national clothing.


Wholesale t-shirts displayed in a storePeople buy T-shirts rather because of their pattern and print – the quality of the fabric has dropped to second place. Blank t-shirts might cost around $2 (less if you buy T-shirts wholesale), but the cost of custom print might even be $15! And this shouldn’t be surprising – unique T-shirt is far more special to the wearer. Why pay so much money for a simple piece of fabric? People buy bulk t-shirts and customize them. These are cultural reasons!

It’s also worth remembering that the richer Western countries are more democratic and politically open. In America and most of Europe, people can wear freely T-shirts with politicians they support, other public figures (even foreign) in any sort of situation, manifest their views on various political events, or even display their stance towards sex and religion. This is far rarer in many other countries in the world, perhaps maybe even for the majority of humankind. Few people in other countries in the world would be able to express themselves by something so simple as a customized T-shirt . A lot of  Indians, Arabs or Chinese instead like to embrace their national culture, displaying important symbols and historical events in their cultures. Few people in the world would be content with a plain white t-shirt.

Colorful T-shirts wholesale

In many regions of the world, women’s T-shirts are printed with the local tourist attraction, since they’re a nice souvenir. Tourism is a significant source of custom T-shirts, as is business and advertising. People can pay money so that they can advertise your brand – it’s amazing. And in less developed countries people can thanks to free advertising samples spend less on clothing. Not everyone in the world will look at a T-shirt the same way we do – and it’s worth considering when trading in T-shirts.