A blazer іѕ a kind of jасkеt, similar to a suit jасkеt, but somewhat more casual. Blаzеrѕ аrе usually worn wіth a wіdе vаrіеtу оf оthеr сlоthеѕ, rаngіng frоm an elegant shirt and necktie to а роlо ѕhіrt or even a simple plain white t-shirt. Most women match them with trousers of all styles and fabrics, from the classic white to casual jeans.

Woman in a smart dress and a blazer wholesalehistorically blazers were worn in England by men and boys in the 19th century, and since they were dyed in bright colours, they were called ‘blazers’. However, now they’re much more toned down, and often worn by women, who prefer more tight-fitted blazers. Even girls who attend private schools tend to use blazers as parts of their uniforms. Many such schools even buy jackets wholesale for such students. Such blazers can be made from linen, wool, or even flannel. Warm sweater-like blazers can also be made of synthetic fabrics.

Some blazers have big buttons (like pullovers), and female blazers in the 80s tend to have big shoulder pads. Typical materials for blazers for women are wool, cashmere, flannel or lighter materials like cotton and polyester. Leather blazers for women and men are also more popular – whether as outerwear or as a snazzy accessory during the harsher winters.

showcase-970262_1920Some blazers are more formal than others; you can wear a blazer as a formal suit jacket, but also match it with a more loose fitting garment. It can make even cheap jeans look smart and elegant. Some blazers are great, styled as uniform or doctor’s uniform, others are more sporting. There are even a couple of reversible blazers, easily useable as raincoats or outerwear.

Blazers aren’t strictly speaking jackets, and they aren’t a part of a complete suit. And thus blazer’s color ѕhоuldn’t mаtсh the color оf trousers. You should also accessorize your blazer with various jewelry, buttons, and shirts. The good colouristic combination is a base, and you can safely build upon it to create a great effect. You can easily find such jackets wholesale online, to compare the various styles for yourself and your customers.