Many of us want to start exercising but are way too self-conscious to make the effort, put on their favorite pair of baggy sweatpants and go to the gym. A lot of overweight people are afraid that the visitors will mock them – because they are still mentally stuck in school. It’s quite likely these people still think that they will be bullied – not realizing that the other visitors have their own reason. Outside of the hardcore fitness fanatics, everyone in the gym will know how hard it is to motivate yourself, and others, to just be there, work hard, and to come back every day. No one is born athletic and ready to work out – everyone had to start at some point. Even though some might be naturally thinner, this does not naturally mean you’re fit – sometimes you have to gain wealth to be healthy. Newcomers to the gym don’t know all of this – and are reasonably confused.


working out people in baggy sweatpants
You needn’t wear baggy sweatpants to exercise together

Once in a while, you might meet someone rude, who is also still stuck in school years, but normal adult work-outers seeing an overweight person at the gym are glad they’re there, making an effort and physically improving themselves. Most of us are very pleased that the group of people devoted to self-improvement has grown.

And furthermore, if you manage to stick to your goals, a lot of fellow gym users will be very pleased seeing you improved – people who started out flabby and unfit, and now managed to completely transform themselves. Eventually, after months of hard work you will be able to serve as an example for others – and as an inspiration.


girl resting in baggy sweatpants
Don’t do it, exercise can be fun!


Everyone was once overweight at the gym, coming there in oversized baggy sweatpants, but eventually they became far slimmer, and still are keen on the workout. People there are also paying customers, and they also know what’s their goal. In fact, you have at least one goal in common with other customers – and can expect better treatment than from the people on the street. So put on your baggy sweatpants, and start working out!