When I was growing up, my mother was more strict in her customs than I am to my daughters. We had to constantly smile at strangers, always dress up elegantly, and look our best all the time. My daughters can just throw on a pair of baggy sweatpants when going to the grocery store – I wouldn’t dream of such a thing when I was their age! Like in the old TV shows, my own mother would always wear dresses and pearls even when she was in the house. It just seems so odd, and it wasn’t a long time ago!

Sometimes I feel like a hipster girl in baggy sweatpants

These days we tend to forget ourselves, we consider ourselves so sloppy. But I don’t understand why. If we don’t look good, it’s not because we can’t afford it, it’s usually because we don’t want to. One reason is the social conflicts – you dressed up to impress your boss or coworkers, but now you and your coworkers work for minimal wage, your boss earns twenty times as much as you do, and so you can show up at a job interview in a dirty shirt in baggy sweatpants – because this is what the job is worth for you!

Even though my mother raised me not to, sometimes I run small errands in baggy sweatpants; it saves me time and effort. It’s not a fashion statement, it’s just what I wear. Sometimes these sweatpants even have moth-eaten holes; because it’s cheaper for me to hang on to any piece of clothing until it falls apart. I don’t buy cheap sweatpants wholesale, I like to save my money. Some people buy designer clothes, I really limit myself to store generics.


baggy sweatpants are great when you want to relax
Sometimes I want to relax

It’s not all about comfort, it’s also about money. I don’t wear makeup every day, even though theoretically I could afford it, but commuting and bad city planning steal my free time, so by dressing down and saving a couple of minutes for not putting my face on I have some precious free time. I’d love to be a freelancer and sit around home in my baggy sweatpants… but it’s not feasible!