Whenever I finish my work I feel so lazy. I’d rather sit on the couch watching Netflix than going to party, I tend to snooze my alarm, just chill out on my lazy bag, and now pick things up with my feet. And sadly, I see that my laziness has managed to worm into my wardrobe. I have fully embraced baggy sweatpants and hoodies – but then I realised that comfy doesn’t mean attractive.

girl in baggy sweatpants feeling relaxed

Fashion for me has always been a way to express myself, to present who I am. I might be lazy, but I want to be more than “Let’s wear the only clean pair of trousers I have”. In my job as a photographer my appearance counts less, but I still need to look the part: competent, smart and professional. So, yes, I needed to control my lazy girl style… though maybe not that much so as to give up binge watching of Once Upon A Time…

I tend now to lay out my outfit the previous evening, so this way I do not scramble to find something just five minutes before leaving. Yes, it cuts on my evening leisure time – but I can sleep five minutes longer, and avoid the stress of ransacking the wardrobe! And of course, I need to do the laundry twice a week now, instead of just wait until the hamper fills over. It’s easier to pick the killer look when you have more available options rather than picking whatever’s clean.

You can look good with and without baggy sweatpants

Compromise. I can combine elegance with comfort – for instance by wearing culottes or wide-leg pants instead of baggy sweatpants. Both styles feel comfortable, but look great, which is totally the best of both worlds. I also completely reject heels – well, almost. But if I need that killer look, I travel in flats and change my shoes once I’m at the office.

But even though I put my back to this, I can still unwind on the weekend, when I put on my baggy sweatpants, eat all the cookies I want and live the lazy life!