elegant women don't wear baggy sweatpantsI still miss my freelancing days… well, I don’t miss the lack of gigs or the poverty, what I miss was no need for human contact (other people are scary), and most of all the ability to work all day in the same stained T-shirt and a pair of  baggy sweatpants. Now I actually have to dress up and go to office to look like a person. Don’t get me wrong, I love to dress up for work, planning scrupulously for every day of the week. But I still wish I was allowed to wear sweatpants to work. But I can do it.

A nice pair of joggers can be more or less acceptable for casual business look. You can build a sophisticated, stylish ensemble using them – if you have an innate sense of balance. You need to offset the casual vibe of jogger pants with a more structured top, professional shoes, and a large, no-nonsense handbag, and the pants will be looking very competent, not “sweaty”. If you want to wear your baggy sweatpants for work, here are a couple of tips for you.

style avoids baggy sweatpantsThe biggest problem with sweatpants is that they tend to look sloppy. Instead of their typical grey or black style, you need to make them work with them coloristically. If you choose your baggy sweatpants as pink, and pair them with a large blouse, you can create a great effect. Add contrasting accessories, and you’ll look great, and no one will see your joggers as sweatpants. You can also pair a fake leather pair of sweatpants with definite bulky sneaker, and add a more formal top. The best way to disguise your sweatpants is to make the top of your outfit your major focus. Put on a shapely blouse, perhaps a buttoned-up one, and accessorize with a scarf or a handbag. You can even add a dark, lightweight denim shirt, that would distract the lookers from your bottom.