Modern businesswomanBusiness dress for women is often associated with clothes like pencil skirts, high heels or silk blouses – but for many women, these are too sexualised. Powerful women might want to discard these accoutrements, but they still need to dress as is acceptable in the professional business environment.

Powerful women aren’t the ones that look powerful, but the ones that have achievements or actual power. If a woman has built her own company, is leading her peers, has inherited a lot of wealth or fame, then she is powerful regardless of age. And to project this power the best way is to establish a consistent personal style. Women with signature styles have the most potential to draw in attention and project their power. If you want to project more authority, you can demonstrate your clothes. Clothes are a part of your “argument”, the way you look like is as important as what you have to say. Most women in power have established their dominance and look fully professional.


Compare this view to the default male business suit – it’s the same clothing every day! The purpose of a suit is to be uniform – a jacket, matching trousers, a shirt with cuffs, and a tie… all worn every single day. Who notices what the man is wearing today? Only if he ditches the tie or the suit jackets. A stylish professional man shows his suit as part of his identity, it’s a part of his look. The nicer the clothes, the more power he projects. Women should do the same.

You can start with a pantsuit, or a more “mannish suit”. There’s even nothing wrong with a woman wearing cuffs… or even a tie. You need not sexualize your figure to look professional – and you can ditch the high heel, changing into flats or the so-called kitten heels, or ballet flats with thin legged slacks. If you find yourself in trouble, you can, of course, buy wholesale tights online.  You can even don more massive but still sleek boots.