make-up-830257_1280I know this blog is not only read by young ladies but also by more mature and responsible ones. Some of you, our readers, might be nearing close to retirement age. My friend Corinne doesn’t think of retiring, but she already plans her long vacations, and many readers might consider their retirement already. So let’s ask ourselves, how fashion fits into this new period of your life.

Some might say that retirement means never to having to think about fashion again. Others that spending on clothes from their pension might not be prudent. In fact, I know grandmas who chip in and buy wholesale woman’s sweaters together. And Corinne says that it’s been years that anyone turned her head at her when she entered the room, and she doubts that it will change. But Corinne also has other thoughts – after decades spent in hall rooms and offices she also wants to have fun with clothes, give herself some “me” time, and figure out what she looks great in. While she won’t go to work every day, I know her well enough, that she most definitely will put on a great outfit and put on elegant makeup.

secretary-1379839_1920Of course, not everyone can have Corinne’s style. There’s no manual on how to dress in your retirement years, but there are many tips you could use to assemble your wardrobe for retirement. Corinne might be in her late fifties, but as she herself puts it: “Child, I’m old, not dead.”. She is still active and is going to keep it when she retires – whether by blogging, traveling or education.

With all these changes in your life, your wardrobe needs reworking. Look at your style, decide whether you want to be more serious – or having more fun, adding a couple of key pieces that you always dreamt of having. Repurpose some of your professional pieces, and reconsider your style. You will want to buy a couple of more or less formal pieces of clothing, to present yourself since you will now be inevitably looked upon as an authority. Consider all of this, and enjoy your well-earned rest!