Many workplaces demand business look, and many people find it simple enough to dress up formally – a buttoned-down shirt, dark skirt, nylon stockings and half pumps. And some workplaces tolerate casual look, in particular places like IT or creative design. But sometimes, business casual is demanded or expected. You know the business, you know casual, but their fusion is out of sudden a gray area. How much is too formal, how much casual can be added into the mix?

Business casual is usually defined as “neat, conventional, but relatively informal in style”. So, well, it’s easy to be underdressed or overdressed and not understand when things can go wrong. So let’s take a look at the main elements of business casual look, and try to narrow down this dress code.


beads-1527060_1920You can add a semi-formal accessory to a more or less informal wear – fire instance a pearl pendant to style up with an outfit with jeans and sneakers or a floral print dress and flat shoes. Adding pearls to any outfit automatically make it classier. It makes the perfect midpoint between a formal and a laid-back look. You can wear a pearl necklace or bracelets – and stacking bracelets together. This can turn any clothes quite glamorous, from t-shirt and jeans to women shoes wholesale.

Replace your handbag with your backpack!

handbag-1558898_1280The backpack is not for students anymore. It is now a viable accessory, more casual for ladies. Many ladies still find handbags pretty, but unpractical. And if you want some business casual feel, you can use a backpack instead of the handbag – especially if your work enables you to carry a laptop. And if you think that backpacks don’t fit elegant shoes, you could consider a fashionable backpack. Replace your black office bag with an elegant and portable backpack, throw on a wireless headset and go work!