Sometimes you come into the office looking sharp and on point. But it’s more likely that you crawl into the office, not caring how you look like, only thinking of the next cup of coffee and hoping that your boss won’t notice you. Am I right or am I right? And that’s assuming if you find an outfit that’s semi-reasonable for work. Many corporate bees have limited wardrobes and budgets and want to look fashionable five days a week from nine to five. Perhaps all you can do is to buy cheap wholesale t shirts.  Here we present some tips on how to look amazingly stylish every day of the week!

purchase cheap wholesale t shirtsFirst of all, invest in basic wardrobe, building on the basic shapes and colors: black trousers, elegant white blouses and shirts, and something to throw on it, like a cardigan or a blazer. These could work on their own – regardless of any trends, black and white is always a good choice – but that’s not their purpose here. Use them as a basis to throw in some building blocks to create something that reflects your own sense of elegance.

Instead of accessories, you can consider prints for your wardrobe – black, whites and grays can work just as well if they have unusual patterns that draw attention. You can buy a lot of cheap wholesale t shirts and unleash your inner designer – have an entire collection of customized shirts! Knitwear also works great for this – especially if you make it yourself.

cheap wholesale t-shirtsYour clothes should present your best features. If you’re an hourglass, show your waist, if you have wide hips, draw attention to them. For work, you should pick figure-hugging pieces over baggy ones, to look more professional – but being overly tight is also a large problem. You want to enhance your figure and look like a classy, chic professional.

When building a new wardrobe, you want it to be versatile, working both on and off duty. You don’t want to spend every morning deciding what to wear – pick clothes that could work for work, entertainment, meetings, pleasure or loungewear.