fitness-826940_1280So I want for a while to talk about white pants – specifically white drawstring joggers. Wholesale white drawstring joggers can be found at any supplier, but I usually didn’t wear them. I’m convinced that fat people shouldn’t wear white pants. Plus size white pants, they told me, would make me bloated… even more bloated that is. White is unforgiving and will show all mine flaws. You know who could wear white pants? JLo, Angelina Jolie. You know, pretty ladies. But well, I felt I could rock that style and I tried. Now I have white pants… and tips to share!

First of all, make sure your wholesale white drawstring joggers will fit! They can’t squish you and rub you in all sorts of uncomfortable. Of course, this goes for all pants, but particularly for white ones. Proper joggers can’t be too tight, they need to slouch a little bit. Skinny jeans in white are super stylish… but not for plus size ladies like me. I should choose more loose fitting pants – like wholesale white drawstring joggers.

Double check the quality of the fabric. If you want to present your butt, make sure that you have no lumps or bumps and imperfections. Good quality cotton fabric will cover any imperfections way better than cheap drawstring joggers.

And well, the problem with white is that it gets dirty. A lot. And I tend to spill coffee on anything white I wear about ten seconds after I wear it. And I don’t even drink coffee! I was wearing a pair of adorable capris, and they managed to get dirty simply by me sitting on the grass. You just can’t avoid stains. But well, do you want to try the white pants, you get what you wanted! I feel so confident in them and I can’t stop wearing them!