Makeup is an art that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It is supposed to improve your appearance and make you look more attractive – but sometimes wrong, improperly applied makeup can actually age you. Using heavy concealer or lip liners can make you look even older – and many ladies actually want this to happen, to look more mature and professional. Plucking your eyebrows too thin or putting too much mascara on your lashes can also age you. Here are some more detailed tips on how to wisely use makeup to prevent you from appearing too old.

mannequin-994780_1280Concealer is a great tool to keep in your makeup box, but if you want to use it too much, your wrinkles and lines around your eyes will be more visible. The concealer settles into any cracks, and it should be used very sparingly near the eyes. You can try a highlighting concealer to add brightness to your eyes, but don’t overdo it.

Similarly, don’t overuse powder – if you use it too much it will look like you’re wearing a mask. It also settles into lines and emphasizes the wrinkles you might try to hide. Use a clean brush to get rid of the unwanted powder, and your skin will look smooth and excess powder won’t settle on the surface.

Lipliners are also a useful weapon – especially if your lipstick bleeds onto the skin. Use lipliners to outline your lips, and use them before applying lipstick so that they don’t look darker than the inside. You can also use glossy lipstick, but be wary not to look like a clown or make your lips too big or too plump.

Many women discover that thinning eyebrows are a natural part of aging. If you pluck them too much, you might appear too old. It’s not good to leave your eyebrows completely untamed, but be careful not to make them be a thin line or draw them with a crayon.

If you apply mascara on your lower lashes you will almost certainly age your face, highlighting bags under the eyes and crow’s feet. It should be applied to upper lashes, and shouldn’t be too thick. You want to make your eyes look bigger and brighter, and not too old.