In my recent resume, I wrote I was a “social media ninja”. By which I mean that I walk around the city undetected, assassinate people and then post it on my FB profile. Okay, maybe I’m not, but sometimes you don’t want to attract too much attention to yourself and walk more stealthily across the town. If you want to use this sleek ninja style and learn how to be invisible, you can follow a series of our stealthy tips.

Even though you might have seen one or two superhero movies and seen superheroines like Catwoman or Black Widow in action in black spandex, tight clothes aren’t perfect for stealthy moves. While they’re quieter and they don’t cause too much rubbing and rustling noises, they are also more visible – your silhouette and form are much more recognizable. Of course, Black Widow doesn’t have to worry about it, but you might. The superheroes might have a good source of wholesale tights, but it only happens in comicbooks. Baggier clothes are louder and more likely to snag on something, but if you want to shadow someone on the street they make you less recognizable.


Pick clothes that won’t draw attention to you


You don’t want to arouse extra suspicion in public places – stealth is not just walking around hunched, there’s also a matter of the so-called “social stealth”. “Ninja” clothes make you stand out. Pick a color or pattern that matters your environment – if you want to stay hidden in natural environments pick earthly, greenish hues, whites in winter or grays in the city.

If you want to find patterns and colors that match your surroundings you should decide on patterns over solid colors. In nature, there are no clear “blobs” – pick wavy, naturally broken down shadows. That’s why soldiers paint their faces – you don’t see a blob of a bright face, but something broken down, and in pieces, and so you don’t recognize it instantly. You could pick camo prints – but honestly, hunting gear is better than military-style clothes. Some people shirk black as a sneaky color because it doesn’t blend well – nothing at night is truly black. However, black blends with other colors at night, and you can use shadows in the day to your advantage, especially at the distance. You might want to get a lot of wholesale tights – if you need a superheroine wardrobe.