Is it just me or is Christmas starting earlier and earlier each year? I wouldn’t be surprised to see Christmas decorations in stores even before Thanksgiving or Halloween. I find it baffling – especially since I come from a country that doesn’t have Thanksgiving. But actually, this is a welcome warning sign – a first call that it’s high time to start shopping for Christmas!

will saint nick bring you wholesale hats?

Yes, unlike many of my friends I don’t wait with Christmas gift shopping to December, I actually start to consider the gifts in October, and buy them in November? Why? Well, I like to buy my goods online, and everybody knows that in December couriers and the post are swamped for the delivery. It has an added bonus that if I plan my spendings carefully, I can save some cash! In November I buy things for friends and family members I either know very well (and thus can decide what they want and need) or just barely (and so I don’t particularly care what to choose for them). I like to buy clothes for them since there are many universal gifts for both men and women. From wholesale hats to small gift cards, I can be a generous giver.

The friends I know quite well, but I don’t know what would they want, like for instance my boyfriend’s family, I need to ask what would they like – and November shopping is great for this since there’s high chance they’ll forget by December 25 what I asked them!

shopping for wholesale hats

You might think that it’s hard to find great sales for clothes or electronics in November. Actually, this isn’t so. The store can increase a price of an item by 10% two weeks before Christmas, just to flaunt a 10% cut a week before the holiday… which, if you do your math, actually is a 1% net gain for the store! And November is actually warehouse cleaning time for things like electronics, stationary or books after the school or university start – which all make tasteful gifts.