Women come in all sorts of shapes and sizes – and every woman has her inner beauty. I see fashion as a tool to bring it out. But how do you find clothes that are flattering your specific body type? The key is to know your proportions and use fashion to accentuate your best features. This guide will help you determine your body shape. You can learn more on body types from this blog.

Note that we’re talking about women, not girls. If you have gone through your maturity, your body type is more evident – but it doesn’t mean that it won’t change. And of course remember, there’s no best or worst body type – some women might be complemented on their shapely posterior, others hate it, but that doesn’t mean that pears are better than apples. Even models’ bodies fall into one of these categories.


Apple build

If you’re an apple, you’re top heavy – your bust is typically around 10 cm bigger than your hips. Your arms are slim, but you probably broad-shouldered. Your waist isn’t that narrow, but it can change – especially if you naturally have a smaller bust. Your legs can be slim, more elegant and might be your strong point. This body type combines elegance with strength.



You can make large hips your best feature


Pears are the opposite of apples – hips are larger than your bust. Some call it “triangle”, as opposed to apples “inverted triangle”. You’re bottom heavy and your lower body is more noticeable. Your shoulders are probably more sloping, sleeker. You might be proud of your hips and legs, often your legs are wider, muscular and fuller. This silhouette is naturally strong, sporty and athletic.


Banana silhouette can still be very feminine


Most of us are straight… or rectangular – our waist is about the same as hips and shoulders. If you want to be a fruit, you can be called a “banana”. This doesn’t mean you don’t have curves, it’s just a regular silhouette. Your waist should still be visibly narrower than bust, but your clothes fit more snug. With this body type your ribcage determines your body shape. Among these ladies there is enough variety – some ladies could be closer to pears, others to apples. This silhouette is simple, elegant and practical.


Hourglass silhouette


And the rarest body type is the hourglass – where the waist is noticeably thinner than the waist. Your hipline and bust line are the same width. This is considered quite sexy – but not always and everywhere. Pre-war, the banana figure was very sexy – consider the ‘flapper’ style. And many people appreciate pears for their wide hips or apples for their strength. Models and actresses are seldom hourglass shaped, just examine them more closely. Ultimately, it’s a matter of presentation and self-confidence.