girl-1328988_1920Silk is wonderful. In the ancient times, it was more expensive than gold, and it’s amazingly beautiful. Every woman wants at least a silk scarf, and many men enjoy silk accessories as well. There are, however, many fake fabrics that pretend to be silk, like fake silk wholesale women’s scarves. And a savvy shopper needs to learn how to identify real silk from the fake ones!

Real silk is unique in retaining and losing heat. Rub the silk with your hands – if it feels warm, it’s real. Real silk sounds like walking on fresh snow when rubbed – while fake silks don’t provide that warmth.

Another simple test is the wedding ring test – take off a ring and try to pull it through a wedding ring. Silk is naturally flexible and smooth and would come through the ring in any place – while artificial silks would scrunch up and won’t be pulled through the ring so easily.

Real silks have luster – they are shimmering and the threads give it a special sheen. The colors might change slightly as the angle of the light also changes. However, the wholesale women’s scarves made out of fake silks give a white, plastic sheen, no matter what’s their color or the angle of light falling onto it.

If you’re looking for something genuinely hand-woven, look for imperfections. Synthetic fibers tend to look perfect, even though some have flaws deliberately introduces so that they could pass off as real silk. Compare two products, if they have flaws in the exact same place, they’re definitely synthetic. Of course, machine-woven silks can also look flawless.


And obviously consider the price – genuine silk can be even ten times as costly as the synthetic one. Sometimes the synthetic silk is priced much higher and looks like silk to the untrained eye, but usually is and looks quite cheap.


And as usual, you can use the trial by fire. Take a thread or two from the material and burn it! Real silk is spider poop, and gives the smell of burnt hair, producing black, crispy ashes. Synthetic silk smells of plastic and burns into coal. Of course, be considerate, and don’t set fire to the entire garment!