Is being plus-size a disaster? Somehow I don’t think so; a lot of famous actresses and celebrities are curvier. Some people claim that supermodels are idols for a lot of young girls – but let’s face it, a supermodel is just a fancy coat rack that can obey orders – and has problems with the more complex ones. For many men, real women have curves and they appreciate their femininity. Large bodies fill out clothing beautifully and can certainly look sexy. You can easily play up any areas of your body and accentuate areas you love to feel sexy and confident. Let’s take a look at your breasts first!

wholesale brasOne of the friendliest tools for a plus-sized lady is the quality bra. Good quality undergarments are vital for any sexy outfit. Find a bra that features comfort in the cups, band, and straps. Since it’s likely that you have a larger chest needing strong support, don’t be ashamed to pick bras with wide straps. The center front of the bra should lie flat across your breastbone – parallel around your chest. Avoid the “muffin effect” in your bras – you don’t want to “run over”, your breasts should fit the cups, not drip from them.

If you want to impress, match your bras to the occasion – strapless tops and dresses still need a strapless bra, a plunging V-neckline a plunge cut bra, and a low back style needs a backless bra as well. These can be hard to find for a plus sized lady, so consider it when buying dresses in the first place. Some dresses and tops come with built-in bras to offer more support for your body. If you need support, get these when looking for wholesale bras. You can always try tops and dresses with more structure or built-in padding and support for the chest. Sure, in hot summer they can be uncomfortable, but wearing such clothes with an extra bra layer can be even more unbearable.

When you want to choose tops, select ones that are more flattering – not exactly figure hugging, but showing long sexy lines. You can wear a plunging neckline to accentuate your chest – it’s okay if you show some skin.