So if you’re a little plus-sized it doesn’t mean that you can’t look fabulous! There are many women with a little meat on their bodies that were or are icons in their day, like Christina Hendricks, Rebel Wilson or even that queen of beauty, Marylin Monroe.

wholesale women's shirts short sleevesThe first step is always confidence – you are pretty and you can look good. It’s not a function of expensive clothes or blonde hair – it’s all about yourself, looking self-confident, comfortable and showing off your features. Yesterday I talked about busts, now let’s take a look at your tops.

Plus-sized ladies can afford to go sleeveless or use sheer, see-through sleeves. This way you can add some sex appeal, and if the sleeves are light – you are still covered. See-through or sheer can also mean lace or cutout, this way you’re looking more lightweight. And if you want sleeves, you might want some floaty, long kimono-style ones, this can be very flattering. Avoid short sleeves – these will cut the arms off at your widest point. My friend rolls up sleeves in the hot summer, but there are many wholesale women’s shirts short sleeves. Opt for three-quarter length instead.

woman-526329_1920Curvy or plus sized ladies might find it easy to emphasize their hourglass shape. If possible, wear tops, skirts or dresses that nip at the waist – the cinched section should show off your natural waist, the smallest part of your midsection, between your ribcage and belly button. Choose tops that are high waisted, which can show your waist but also create some support for the lower abdomen. You can accentuate your top with belts even if worn in purely decorative ways, narrowing the area little bit.

The tops of fabrics should be a little bit thicker – so that they won’t cling to your body when you don’t want it to. Instead, use various embellishments strategically – make some ruffles, wear beads or other sexy jewelry, placed on the areas you want to highlight and not downplay. Try not to add volume in the parts you don’t want to accentuate, but if your top is too thin, don’t be afraid to wear a tank top underneath it to make it seem smoother.