woman-526329_1920I personally happen to think that there’s no weight limit on beauty. Beautiful – attractive – slim are three different ideas. If you’re all three, good on you! But you can be a bit curvier, big and confident lady and still don’t know how to bring out your beauty. Many plus-sized women actually consider their large bust their advantage. They can play it out well, showing their very feminine curves; but these women sometimes give up when they’re going to start to underline their butt and legs! Here is some more advice to accentuate them:

Choose the bootcut or slim cut pants. Your bottom part should be straight, more flattering, underlining more shapely curves. If you want to emphasize them, try more curvy fits or stretchy denim with high waist – thus creating an hourglass silhouette. Either way, your pants should be stretchy, to create both comfort and a sexy body-hugging look for the waist, hips, and bottom. Don’t be obsessed with tightness – the trousers need to fit comfortably when you’re standing and sitting. Waist can stretch with wear but it should fit when they have just been washed. And you can try leggings, which will underline your silhouette, but can be very tight.

If you prefer skirts, remember not to wear minis – you will visually cut your legs… By which I mean showing them break at exactly the thickest point. Find skirts and dresses that fall just above the knee for the most flattering look of your legs. If you want to make your body look longer, try vertical stripes – but vertical pleating is also a good way to look taller. Another way of lengthening your legs are tights – if you don’t want to show too much skin they’re also convenient. If you choose tights in a similar hue as your dress or skirt, you will look a bit taller… But larger women should be wary not to look like a single blob of color. And another way to add length is to add a slit detail at one side or leg of a long skirt, for that sultry look.

And you can naturally add a pair of heels – they add a couple inches, maybe more, since they improve your posture. They can be very taxing, however, so don’t wear them 24/7. Pointed toes make you even taller, even with flats.