purse-1031547_1280If you consider yourself a fashionista, you need to learn to recognize the major brands. And even more importantly, learn how to distinguish fake designer bags from the genuine ones. We live in the age of the Chinese knock-off, and it’s hard to distinguish between the knock-off and the real thing. You probably want to buy a genuine designer bag – it’s a status symbol. After all, you don’t pay just for the bag, but also for the privilege of being able to wear a well-designed brand. The logo on the bag, various charms, and attachments all are part of the original design. Tags, signatures or marks all clearly state whether the bag is genuine or not – and they influence the price. Retailers will proudly display their bags, and bulk salespeople also brag about wholesale handbags as well.

Illegal merchandise presents itself as the real thing, down to logos, tags, and charms. They mimic everything about the bag, and pass for them, just to sucker the customers into buying the shoddy good. They sometimes are cheaper, but sometimes they cost as much as the real thing. But they use the registered trademarks and style illegally, and by buying these you support crimes!

fashion-1107715_1280But there’s a middle ground – there are such things as “designer inspired” products, not using the logos, but inspired by styles and colors of a genuine bag. They might look like a new model, but does not actually claim to be by that designer. Sometimes they’re overpriced, but usually, they’re just another store offer. A lot of stores can even obtain an agreement or license to use them, and advertise this proudly, though the providers of wholesale handbags might not be so happy.

So if the store is a renowned dealer of designer bags, or at least advertises that they’re “inspired by” or “licensed” by a great fashion house, it should be okay. But assume that any designer bag you buy at a flea market or street vendor is suspect. Second-hand designer handbags are seldom found in used clothing boutiques – you might dream of buying one in a thrift store, but this will be unlikely. And if the vendor does not want to share whether the product is genuine – it probably isn’t.