wholesale shortsSo there’s endless memes, jokes and other funny comparisons of Europe and America. And I just think that European ladies are simply more fashionable and elegant than Indian or American (or Native American ones). They manage to look elegant and refined even in a T-shirt, wholesale shorts, and jeans! But the reasons why do they do it aren’t actually that benign…

Why are Europeans so elegant? I personally think it’s because they believe that they are stylish and beautiful! That’s right, Europeans are terribly arrogant – and this arrogance powers them. French ladies argue with Italians and Spanish ones who’s the most beautiful, while the Eastern Europeans chuckle from the sidelines. But this arrogance can be put to good ends – no European lady will ever admit that she has a “fault”. She has a “beauty feature”. And this is not semantic – a European lady will underline her asymmetrical eyebrows, proudly display her large nose, and boost her confidence! This might be a bit shocking from someone from a different culture, but it works!

Europeans are also more demanding. I’ve seen American women and European ones set aside a budget for clothes – but when Americans spend their shopping time bargain hunting, trying to buy the most items for the lowest price, Europeans will spend these for one or two quality items of clothing from the best designers, not mass-produced wholesale shorts or the like. They seldom are slaves to fashion, rather sticking to their own established style.

But what baffled me the most about European ladies, is that they tend to carefully consider what will they look like if they relax – carefully pick the blouse under the suit jacket. Few European girls don sweatpants after coming from work, they simply put on a cashmere sweater or soft treggings, staying chic even at home.

And they spend so much time grooming themselves – even if they run down to the kiosk for cigarettes. At all times they must have well-manicured nails or toenails, have decent makeup and well-groomed hairdo. It takes hard work… but is it worth it? You decide yourself!