glasses-1600387_1920Femme fatale, or the fatal woman. Dark, mysterious, smart and to die for. From the scheming ladies of film noir like Greta Garbo to the dark antiheroines like Catwoman and Poison Ivy everything about the femme fatale screams “sexy”.

if you want to rock this style, you should aim for dark, sexy and retro clothes. Pick clothes that accentuate your silhouette and flatter your look, drawing attention to you in a subtle way. Go with darker colors to appear like a noir villainess, like black, burgundy, maroon or emerald green. If you could, pair your look with some nice high heels. You don’t have to dress like it’s the 1940s – while you could wear a sleek cocktail or evening dress with fishnets and a fur coat, some other good pieces include leather pants, dark jeans and a tight sweater or a leather jacket.

Match that looks with seductive hair – if you want to appear dark and mysterious, you might opt for longer hair that will obscure some of your facial features. But a short style is also a good choice, showing off your face and creating a more threatening appearance.

And if you want to create this timeless look, you should wear red lipstick. Match it to your skin tone, use lip liner to emphasize your look, and proudly demonstrate it. The perfect femme fatale has red lips, pale look, and sultry, smoky eyes. So use some dark eyeshadow, eyeliner, and dark mascara. Avoid glitter or shiny makeup.

And accessorize. A good look underlines this sense of dark mysteriousness, so you might want to pick one or two accessories. A hat with a veil, a fedora or a fur collar make you look more in the noir style – but you could pick a pair of sunglasses, black gloves, maybe even fingerless to look more modern. And of course jewelry is forever – a diamond or pearl necklace can be very imposing.