wholesale womens trousersDo you like the current distressed jeans trend? I used to love the grunge look in high school, but it seems that the distressed jeans are still popular among the kids and the punky grown ups. I might not be the youngest, but I still want to rock that distressed look. If you have a pair of old jeans, you might want to turn them into a trendy bohemian punk pair. I luckily have access to wholesale womens trousers, so distressing jeans is not a problem.

And the good thing about old jeans you no longer wear is that they’re probably already quite distressed. I’d take my boyfriend’s old working pants, and add some distressed holes in them. And you can also visit a local thrift store if you simply want to try this DIY project but wouldn’t want to ruin pants you already own. Look at the jeans, look at your body, and choose where do you want the distressing to be. Mark the areas you want to distress with a pencil or a washable marker. Don’t make too large holes, or your jeans might get torn for good – for your first project, they should be no larger than half of your hand.

Put something tough under the places you want to distress – an old hardcover book, a block of wood. You need to protect the other side of the pant leg. Why? Because you don’t want to use scissors to cut the distressed holes – they will look artificial and unnatural. You want natural, frayed look – pick a serrated bread knife or something else irregular – a pumice stone, cheese grater, sandpaper or a shaving razor. Don’t cut through your jeans, wear them off! When you have a hole, roughen up the edges with sandpaper, you can try to enlarge it slightly. Use the sandpaper to add some more distressing to areas you want to show.

If you want to, you can use bleach to brighten the outer edge of holes. Put some bleach on an old brush or sponge you want to throw away, and gently rub it on, splattering the denim. Rinse it and wash later.

Now, if you want to protect your wholesale womens trousers, you want to reinforce the holes. Stitch around the holes to stabilize them. You can use the denim-colored thread, but in distressed jeans, this could be visible. You can also add a patch or two, preferably from different-colored denim.

Look at your distressed jeans, don’t they look cool?