joker-390042_1280Yesterday, I talked about distressing jeans. Frankly speaking, I love jeans, I have at least a dozen pairs for different occasions, and one thing I’d never want to happen for them is shrinking. However, some of my friends sometimes do buy jeans that are a size too big, or maybe they lose weight or discover that some trousers have gotten looser with wear. My little kids haven’t reached that time yet, but when I was small, our mom bought us oversized clothes for us to grow into. She might have as well bought wholesale jeans for our family because we wore them every day. 

And well, but sometimes we never grew into these, and my pipsqueak sister stayed petite. So, well, sometimes you have to shrink down your clothes. Honestly, I don’t get how exactly it works, since I remember my high school science classes. I learned there that things expand due to heat, but clothes seem to shrink.

Actually, what happens is that the fibers relax in the water and due to heat return to their “natural” size. And to do it, it’s enough to wash jeans or other clothes in hot water – preferably to the hottest water level possible. The cotton fibers will contract. Oh, and speaking of – use a fabric softener. The jeans will get smaller, but their mass won’t change, so they will feel much stiffer. To shrink jeans, you can dry them in a tumbling machine, even after washing them by hand. You can repeat this cycle as needed.

Sometimes you can try shrinking only a specific area – for instance, the waistband if you’ve lost a lot of weight. To do it, take three parts hot water, add one part liquid fabric softener (but no detergent), and douse the area you want to shrink. Don’t withhold your mixture, give the part a good soak. Again, tumble dry it, since air drying the jeans will not have the same effect.

hqdefaultAnd the craziest idea to shrink jeans is my favorite – put them on, then jump in a hot bath! This method can transform any pair of jeans into a perfectly fit skinny jeans. Make the water in the tub as hot as possible without being painful. You want to submerge your legs entirely under water, then wait for about 20 minutes for the water to cool. You want to do it first thing in the morning during a beautiful summer weather – because after this you will have to sit down in the sun.