winter jacket wholesaleIf you want to dress well, you might want to add a leather jacket to your wardrobe. They’re light, durable, stylish and have only one flaw. They’re expensive. Luckily you can easily buy used leather jackets online, as easy as any other winter jacket wholesale. I’ve written about leather jackets before, and as an owner I feel fully qualified to tell you about them. You don’t only need to find a good place to purchase a jacket, but also examine that used jacket before you decide to buy it.

If you want to buy your jacket used, look at second-hand or vintage stores. Thrift stores will also carry them, and vintage stores might carry only well-known brands. You could also look for online sellers of clothing, like eBay or some other sites.

Before you buy, check whether it’s a genuine leather. Look at the price tag, and examine the material closely. Does it look real? Fake leather is too even and perfect, feels smooth and slippery. Real leather has plenty of rougher spots and is much more durable.

And since leather is tougher, it can’t often be adjusted – so try it before you buy it. If the jacket is too small, it’s too tight and uncomfortable. A big jacket swallows you up. Of course, leather adjusts to the wearer, but there are limits to this.

And a very important thing when buying a used jacket are stains, tears, and other damage. If you’re going for a punk, untidy look, they don’t have to be a bad thing, but remember that leather can’t be easily patched or revived. You can try to use many products to revive the leather, oil, and wax it with appropriate products. Find a specialist, like a shoemaker that will have access to specialized chemicals. You can ask a producer of winter jacket wholesale for further details.

And once you got it, take good care of your leather jacket. Don’t expose it to light temperatures, don’t soak it completely, and oil it regularly.