wholesale mens sweat pantsIn my opinion, fashion is all about emphasizing your strengths and disguising your weaknesses. If you want to make a good impression on the first date, the most important thing is that your outfit should fit you well and had some clean, distinguishing lines. Guys, you don’t have to wear a suit on your important date – but if you do, wear a tie. Don’t put on a tracksuit or wholesale mens sweat pants – not even if you’re meeting the girl after the gym. Even in such an opportunity, have a clean shirt to change into! In fact, always avoid baggy clothes. For most dates, for boys and girls, it’s okay to wear a pair of jeans, but you could pair them with an elegant top, like a buttoned-down shirt.

A significant part of first impressions is decided by a proper pair of shoes – women notice these things… and feel confident in proper shoes! Obviously, you want to avoid flip-flops, sandals or Crocs on a date – maybe except if it’s on the beach. Instead, pick a pair of loafers or nice pumps or kitten heels. You can pick a pair of tennis shoes for a casual meeting, but don’t pick torn ones – instead invest in a decent pair or running shoes or boots. Of course, this too depends on the occasion – you should pick high heels for an evening out in a nice restaurant.

wholesale mens sweat pantsI personally don’t think adult people should wear vivid colors for the first date; more toned colors are more appropriate for dating. Start dressing up with neutrals like navy, black, cream, white and tans, and in the summer turn to pastels. Avoid garish colors like neon pink, mustard yellow, especially on your wholesale mens sweat pants. Normally I’d say to avoid garish prints – but a T-shirt with your favorite band could be a great conversation starter, for example.

And what about accessories, I hear you ask. Well, apart from the obvious seasonal ones (sunglasses or straw hat in the summer, a cap and scarf for winter), toss on a comfortable jacket. Avoid ones that make you bulky – instead, especially if you’re a large gal or guy, look into sportswear – they often have synthetic jackets that are as warm but won’t make you look fat. A silk scarf is a great accessory for any woman in any season – and an elegant handbag would also look great.