young-woman-1191978_1280Imagine this scene: You’re exhausted, your feet are hurting after a massive shopping spree, and you valiantly return home, your arms full of bags containing unique and fantastic clothes, from a single big tunic to dozens of panties wholesale. Obviously, you want to crack these bags open, dump their contents on your sofa, tear the price tags off and finally try them on. Every woman knows that how great it feels to finally be able to put these garments on.

But I’ve argued with my boyfriends for ages about whether you should be able to wear your clothes straight away? Many of my exes were disgusted! They told me to wear these clothes instead of putting them on ASAP. And recently I’ve read a bit and indeed, turns out that they were right. Medical professionals now are warning that there could be some problems that should detract you from trying out your new clothes right after buying.

Above all, the garments these days are not simply “Made in China”. They can be tailored in China, colored in India, basted in Pakistan. During this entire cycle, your trousers were touched by hundreds of people, and so can never know where your clothes have been! There are various species of bacteria or even lice that you might find in your new sweater… and just think – I haven’t mentioned that other people in your country also touched your clothes and even might have tried them on!

There is also a case of chemicals used in the industrial process of the preparation of the clothes. Some shirts might still have some bleach on them, for example. If your skin is very sensitive this can hurt you!

So to avoid problems like skin irritation, dermatitis, or even fungal infections, it’s best to toss your newly purchased items into the washing machine. Give them a simple light wash with a detergent before you try them out. Protect yourself, especially with things like lingerie and shoes. Every store that sells sensitive items like panties wholesale must wash them by law!

Some shops, however, might refuse to accept returns if you have washed them. If the tag says that they might dye other things sometimes you have been forewarned! But you usually have the right to return your purchase – check your local laws to learn.