ladies tunics wholesaleIt seems that each generation of the ladies gets ever taller and taller. Perhaps it is thanks to more healthy and nutritious food or thanks to widespread sports and fitness. When my mom was my age, a ‘tall woman’ was about 165 centimeters tall, now it’s practically an average height. And sure, if you’re a tall Amazon, many girls would be envious of your proportions. I’ve been there and I know that sometimes it’s difficult to find not just a boy who is ready to look you in the eyes but also find clothes that will fit you.

I’m seldom taken for a model, but tall ladies are less restricted in their choice of clothes – avant-garde looks can work for you easily. You might want to stay away from sky-high stilettos – but still, kitten heels might work for you. I know myself that there are always some clothes that just never look good on a more statuesque girl.

First of all, I don’t wear short shorts anymore- sometimes they just reveal too much. I just can’t find decent Daisy Dukes, ones that don’t expose too much. Likewise, shorter tunics for women can look on you, not just like an oversized Tee but an overly tight t-shirt. When shopping for tunics I pay attention to stores which source ladies tunics wholesale in all sizes. The most annoying fact is that these clothes, meant to be flattering, are incredibly restrictive.

As a rule, if you can’t raise your arms nor bend over without showing the world your… lady bits, you shouldn’t wear these in another capacity than a nightshirt.

Likewise, many big ladies have a small problem with short sleeves… or rather, long sleeves that don’t reach your wrists. There are clothes that can mitigate this – an appropriate long tunic, for example. If you notice stores that source ladies tunics wholesale with long sleeves, you might go for it.

And finally, I’m not just tall – I’m a bit pudgy. While vertical stripes might slim me down, they also make me look taller. I let my cousin Isabella to enjoy these stripes, and instead, I choose some other patterns, preferably small polka-dots.