Every woman needs a little black dress. But the LBD also has a smaller sister – a little black skirt. A knee-length pencil skirt can be as versatile, but A-line skirts and other cuts can also be useful for other applications. Of course, the exact shape of the skirt depends on your figure.

You can wear your black skirt for the office, a business presentation or major meetings. For business wear, you should pair it with assorted, clean tailored pieces and subtle accessories. The best top to wear with a black pencil skirt is probably a long-sleeved tailored blouse. It’s best if it’s white or light grey, and you should tuck it in. As for the shoes, you should probably go with black heels – don’t go with very tall ones, and you shouldn’t show your toes at work. Under your black shirt slip a pair of nude nylon stockings. Don’t over-accessorize – add a discrete pair of pearl earrings or a light simple necklace, for example.

women-1263870_1280.jpgAnd naturally, a black skirt can change from formal wear to casual, simply be being worn with a fitted tank top or a T-shirt, a pair of simple flats. With this ensemble, you can afford bright, funky and glitzy jewellery. You want to feel simple and look casual; that’s why you should avoid nylon stockings.

And the skirt might also work great for glamorous evening out. Match it with shimmering silver or gold tops – sequins or glitter work great, both for tops and revealing lightweight shoes. And of course, you need to over-accessorize, like big hoop earrings, bangle bracelets and thick necklaces.

With a nice black top, you can effectively turn your skirt into an LBD. The blouse can have short or long sleeves, and it should preferably be made of the same material as the dress itself, to create the illusion of a dress. As for the accessories, well, go wild as if you went with the dress – pearls or comfortable shoes both would work.

A tucked in short-sleeved shirt worn under a leather or denim jacket can give you some street cred, especially if worn with chunky boots.