Summer might be long gone, but I still miss lightweight, see-through chiffon blouses. They’re quite versatile during the summer. I can wear them at work, during family meetings or for an important date. A blouse has to suit you in the terms of color, style, and shape. There are plenty of various styles, – long sleeved blouses, short sleeved blouses, button downs and so on. You can source hundreds of blouses wholesale in all styles. But your favorite blouse simply must fit you, because if it’s too small, it might get torn easily and if it tears, chiffon is hard to fix. And you need to pair it effectively, so the color should also match your wardrobe.

blouses wholesaleA chiffon blouse should be loose and flowing. It looks best with a more skinnier bottom, like skinny jeans, pencil skirts or shorts. You can accessorize it with jewelry or hats, but remember to balance it out. If your chiffon shirt is too baggy, you need to balance your figure – with a loose blouse and large skirt you’ll look billowing.

Remember that the chiffon blouses are very see-through. If you must, match it with a delicate silken slip or camisole, but remember that they will inevitably shine through. During the winter you can wear a delicate undershirt over your bra as well. A good choice is also a bandeau bra – it will not show too much skin and will keep you contained. An alternate solution is to choose a printed blouse – but in this case, don’t choose patterned trousers or skirts. Look at what your local store has in offer and what blouses wholesale it can order.

That’s why you need to be prepared with any cover. It’s smart to wear the see-through blouse with a tougher cardigan, blazer or even a leather jacket. The latter will look very nice when you soften your biker chick style with a delicate blouse.

If you wonder whether you should buy that chiffon blouse, go for it. But if you still have doubts, ask a friend – remember that photos on the Internet don’t have to look like in the real life.