Okay, everyone, the reason I don’t want to post my pics here, I’m tall and fat and have a red face and big feet.

wholesale classic shoes
Not me – I wish I looked like this!

Well, the first bit is not bad, and I actively work on the second and third one, but I can’t do anything much about my large feet.  Of course, I learned a couple of tricks to reduce the perceived size of my shoes. I can do it fairly easily now.

Let’s start with high heels. Now, being a big girl they don’t suit me that much. While you look taller, more “vertical”, and the attention is taken from your feet. So well, instead of the tall stilettos I sometimes try wedges or kitten heels.

When I wear heels I stopped wearing pointy toes. I threw my pointy heels away. I don’t think that triangular feet look sexy, and they always attracted unnecessary attention. Even worse would be square toes. Much like black tights slim my butt, black shoes slim my feets. Even though I love bright red, I had to replace them with earthy browns, deep reds or navy greens.

Elegant footwear should not expose too much of the skin – avoid straps. You can also try peep-toes or slingbacks. I like a shoe with a large buckle, so my actual feet looks smaller. Other tasteful accents like bows or details might also work. Sadly few shoe stores I know sell wholesale classic shoes like this.

My problem with having large feet is that you have to wear large shoes. And that’s why I have to spend hours buying new shoes. Luckily, I can buy shoes online. And if all else fails, I go straight to men’s wear – sneakers and tennis shoes for men work quite well for me. I even look at websites that sell wholesale classic shoes – vintage fashion at low prices.

Luckily, my boyfriend is understanding. And there’s a lot of men for whom large feet are actually a turn on! So well, I don’t worry too much about it and let my feet rest. The feet are only large if you think of them too much.