My problem with the thongs is that I can never get used to it. I am not an ultra-thin model, after all. Sure, I can don leggings or skinny jeans, but frankly, I worry about cellulite more than I worry about panty lines. So yeah, I have a couple of thickish samba thongs, I did buy some sexy strings, and they ended up in the shoelace box. Sigh. They’re just not comfortable. I am not just an exception, it seems that the young ladies of today prefer comfort over appearance. That’s why I still prefer the so-called granny panties. And wholesale panties is something I will always be interested in.

wholesale pantiesAnd that makes perfect sense for me. Some women are proud of their butt cheeks, others prefer styles that gently hug their body and make them feel fabulous. I like my panties, and I prefer them to thongs. And well, I’m not the only one. The sales of thongs decrease and the sales of full underwear increase steadily. And hey, this is what I’ve been saying on this blog so many times – you can’t look beautiful unless you also are happy and self-confident.

That’s why when I buy new panties I never think “Would my boyfriend find it sexy?”. Because, hey, if a man doesn’t like me in my underwear, why do I even bother? I am sure that if I feel fabulous, I will look fabulous to a man I love. And yeah, good underwear does not seem like a crucial thing for my personal happiness – until you discover what a pain bad underwear can be.

Of course, I understand my friends who, unlike me, actually aren’t shapeless blobs. I don’t want to pooh-pooh your genuine concern about panty lines – if they weren’t so gosh-darn expensive, I’d get more seamless wholesale panties. If you look beautiful in thongs or boy shorts, go for it! We’re all different.