In Ye Olden Days, winter was a time of rest. The farmers didn’t plow the fields – they holed up on the farm and worked to pass the day. And so, my heritage tells me that when winter comes I need to hole up in my flat with a tablet and a good movie. So, well, when I need to go out, I don’t have anything worthwhile to wear. I don’t have glamorous dresses or fancy cropped top. When I’m going to a club or cinema, I simply glam up my jeans a little bit, by adding a fancy pair of heels and an elegant suit jacket or a blazer. Recently, however, I’ve discovered an impossibly elegant pair of faux leather leggings. Not all stores carry them, but I learned to look where do they source their leggings wholesale.

leggings wholesaleI bought a pair of leggings two months ago, and while I don’t wear them every week, they weren’t particularly expensive. I am not particularly shapely, but I look acceptable in these leggings. They draw some attention to my legs and make them look shapely. I wear them with a large, long T-shirt and a short denim jacket – not a cropped one, but reasonably feminine.

This offers me some reasonable street style, that’s fairly customizable. Once again, I can dress up my leather pants with a pair of heels and a dark suit jacket. I could go with a nice buttoned-down shirt to wear under the jacket and a large canvas bag (too much leather is never a good thing). Alternatively, instead of the button-down, I could try out my favorite lace trimmed cami which would work perfectly as part of this style.  I feel that the leather leggings wholesale work great for me even though I don’t think of myself as particularly “leggy”. I’ve lost some weight, but luckily it never went to my hips that much.