Why do some jeans shrink while others don’t? Well, this has to do with how denim is made. When freshly woven cotton denim comes off the loom — it’s quite plastic and easy to stretch. has no dimensional stability. During spinning, dyeing, and weaving, the yarns stretch in length and width – in fact, during the washing, it is restored to the natural length.

The producers tend to prepare the  wholesale trousers for sale. Many jeans in the store are already shrunken back to their original size before you buy them — it’s called shrink-to-fit. Some models will inevitably shrink after a handful of washes. Fibers relax and contract to their original length when they get in touch with water.

wholesale trousersSo yes, you need to buy loom state jeans which will adjust to you or choose shrink-to-fit jeans. Or at the very least, get jeans that are a couple of inches too long, and shrink them yourself. Wholesale trousers at least can be cheap, but the loom-state jeans can be more expensive.

These days, it’s quite simple to get the size right with most jeans thanks to the invention of an American businessman and inventor, Sanford L. Cluett. He had developed a mechanical compaction process for woven fabrics. After his name, it’s called ‘sanforization’. The fabric is moistened, pre-shrunk and the fabrics are packed closer together. As a result, denim is less stretchy, but it won’t shrink. Loomstate jeans are usually unsanforized – some people claim it’s safer and more comfortable. Sanforization reduces shrinkage significantly and makes finding the right size of jeans for you a lot easier.

Practically most of the billions of pairs of jeans sold annually are made from sanforized denim. Some companies, however, are selling organic, loom state jeans. Levi’s 501 shrink-to-fit is still a favorite for many, particularly in the US, who want their jeans to shrink for themselves. To buy this kind of jeans you should size up, choosing one or two sizes too big. It will shrink on its own. Unsanforized denim feels rougher but is more unique, and intense. To minimize shrinking of loom state denim, wash it in cold water and don’t tumble dry.