I’ve actually been to the real Bohemia, now a region in the country called the Czech Republic. But Bohemian style, now more often called “boho” or “boho chic” is not really related to it. It now mostly focuses on the free, flouncy, flowy fabrics, colorful jackets or blouses wholesale – often made from natural fabrics for the extra hippie vibe. If you want to be back to the 1960s or 70s, you can try going bohemian… even though there are no strict rules for that style.

blouses wholesaleThe word “Bohemian” is also associated with the Romani (“Gypsies”) people of Eastern Europe. You want to be a romantic wanderer. That’s why you could consider the layers of the clothes. Much like the wanderers who wore layers of clothes to keep warm, you should pick up this layering custom as well. You could wear a sports bra under loose blouses wholesale which you tuck under a nice cropped top. It’s also quite practical during the winter or autumn!

The boho look practically requires long maxi skirts or peasants dresses – you could also try tunics or light tops. Anything that makes you feel light and comfortable is a good choice. You want to look effortless and free! It depends on your build, but you should let your bottom flounce and layer the top – otherwise you’ll draw more attention to your bottom.

Emphasize the flowy look with one or two fitted pieces. If you have a long, colorful jersey skirt, wear a tighter top for contrast.

A good side of this retro-hippy look is that you can and even should buy second-hand clothes. It’s vintage, has its own history and is eco-friendly. You can even find original pieces from the 1960s or 1970s on a flea market! And you can easily find patterns for sewing these retro pieces. Choose natural fabrics, of course – although polyester fabrics might last for a longer time.