Mori Girl Kei is a relatively recent Japanese style. Like many youth styles of Japan, it’s inspired by anime, western influences, and popular culture. ‘Mori’ is Japanese for ‘forest’ – and so, this style means “a girl who lives at forest”, but boys can also approve of this style. The goal is to look natural and earthy, and apart from the fashion, it’s also a lifestyle choice.

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Earthy tones are very important – you can use layers, shifting for dresses and skirts, but you can also embrace blouses and sweaters. Clothes should look natural and organic – many Mori girls wear knitted cardigans, lace or cotton, eschewing polyester or other artificial fabrics. Earth colors include off-white, beige, brown, dark green, dark blue, mustard or mauve. Try to stay balanced. If you can’t find decent clothes anyway, try vintage or thrift stores – you can achieve this slightly used look easily.

Mori Kei is also not figure-hugging. The clothes should be baggy, practical and comfortable. Layering not only creates interesting color combinations but also keeps you warm and cozy. The baggy look should reveal various items you wear. And since you need to look like you’re living in the forest, you want to look cozy and warm – combine boots with tights and longer skirt.Wear cheap, wholesale leggings under a maxi skirt, for instance. You should avoid trends like structured collars or items hugging your waist.

Accessorize with natural, delicate things – flowers are always good, and fruit like rowan or black elderberries can also spruce up your outfit. A colorful silk scarf can make your outfit look even better, add some simple jewelry like rings and bracelets, and you’re ready to go.

Remember, though that Mori girl is also a lifestyle – try to love nature, take it easy, read and listen to traditional music. Embrace your free spirit and make your clothes yourself.