Fashion is all about self-expression. It’s a form of art, and as with any art you need to know its rules and when you should break them. A set of rules which might seem odd to outsiders is the color schemes – but it’s really simple, we react to some colors better than others, and some combinations of colors are more jarring.

wholesale womens trousersLook at the color wheel – there are some combinations of colors that are very pleasing to the eye, called color harmonies. Do you remember what are the basic primary colors from your kindergarten? That’s right, red, yellow and blue. If you mix them, you gain secondary colors, like orange (yellow+red), green (blue+yellow), and violet (blue+red). Tertiary colors are created by mixing secondary colors together. And there are two colors that aren’t colors – namely black and white, and the spectrum of grays between them. So purple with more red is magenta, and magenta with enough black saturation will become brown.

So what colors should you avoid? Well, avoid complementary colors – these which are opposite on the wheel. Since you can’t mix blue with another color to get orange, blue contrasts with orange a lot – and so you should avoid mixing blues and oranges. Of course, you might be aiming for that contrast, gold jewelry will be very visible on a navy blue suit. Many wholesale womens trousers are dark colored, and they work best with bright hues.

Instead, you should focus on analogous colors – ones that are next to each other on the wheel, like green and yellow or red and orange. For instance, you could wear a red dress with gold jewelry and pink shoes.

Remember that neutrals go well with everything – a gray shirt might be bland, but it can go well with virtually any wholesale womens trousers. There are exceptions – avoid mixing black with dark hues, like navy blue or dark brown (but tan is okay), nor should you match white and off-white (grays, cream).

Remember also the cultural significance of colors – pinks now are associated with female and blues with male gender, but it’s not always so.