Am I a fashionista or am I a huge nerd? From my perspective, I divide the world into two groups of people: people who love the way I dress, and ones who hate the way I dress. And let’s be frank for a moment, there are days when the former group has a membership count of one… not even including my boyfriend or best friends. And the latter? Well, no, it’s not six billion of others men and women, but it sure feels this way.

women's shirts wholesalerI mean, I do wear cheap see-through white shirts from a low-rank women’s shirts wholesaler. Despite blogging about fashion I don’t know what’s the advantage of Stuart Weitzman’s over a generic no name. Besides, they’re all being made in China anyway. Even though i like fashion, I can still try going to a store in a pair of red shorts and a bright green T-shirt and no one will bat an eyelid. I think fashion is a way to express myself but let’s be honest… I am not my clothes. My clothes aren’t me. I try not to judge others based on their appearance and I hope others will look past my look. I love cats, good urban fantasy novels (Harry Dresden <3), I am a knitter and a skiffler – and that’s the real me, not my pants.

And well, I’d rather spend my money on books, musical washboard, cats, wool, kazoos or banjo lessons – so I don’t invest money in clothes. I try to buy clothes as cheap as possible – order clothes directly from manufacturers or women’s shirts wholesaler. In general, I try to get universal clothes – I can wear black jeans to work, parties, meetings, to store and for dates. In fact, I have only two pairs of dressy pants and the last time I wore last of them was last summer for a job interview. I like shopping for clothes, but it’s exhausting for me. Instead of spending hours at the outlet, I tend to spend my time online. And shopping for clothes, when you’re plus-sized and tall, is hard – and at least 30% of clothes I order online I have to return. It’s annoying being a girl nerd.