I hate when cotton clothes shrink. Actually, cotton is spun and stretched – by laundry, the fibers return to their natural size. So, well, since they were stretched before, why can’t I stretch them out again? Since I don’t have industrial spinners I can’t unwrap my shirt and remake it again, nor I can’t buy dozens of wholesale t-shirts. I need to try out a couple of homemade lifehacks.

Conditioner softens the fibers and this might help you stretch them. Soak the shirt in cool water with 50 ml of a hair conditioner or baby shampoo. Keep it in the bowl for 10 to 15 minutes, and make sure the shirt is evenly soaked. Rinse it with clean cool water until you have removed the sticky residue. Do not hang-dry it, instead lay it out on the flat surface covered by the towel. If there is a graphic on your shirt you don’t want to deform, iron it while the shirt is still wet. Then it’s time for stretching – pull your shirt outwards and make it stretch sideways. And if you want it longer, stretch the neck and the bottom. Put it on the towel to dry. If you want to, you can use weights to hold the stretch up. Remember, don’t use tumble dryers with this shirt again, unless you want to shrink it!

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Instead of stretching it manually, you can use an iron. After soaking it in conditioner, you can slowly stretch it out as you put iron pressure on it. The t-shirt will stretch as the iron passes over it. Remember to watch out for any graphics, you won’t buy hundreds of wholesale shirts to print on.

Many people stretch their shirts simply by applying gravity force. Use weights when you hang them on a dryer. If you want wider arms, put an empty soda bottle in them (don’t be afraid to deform them). To stretch them a little more, pour water in them. And for another boost, put it in the freezer!