One of the reasons why I love autumn and winter is that I can wear gorgeous, warm and cozy sweaters! Not only can I stay warm, I can be fashionable as well. One of my favorite styles of sweaters is the cowl neck since it’s so feminine. It actually frames my face and draws attention away from my figure flaws.

wholesale womens sweatersA cowl neck is similar to a turtleneck since a tube of fabrics replaces the cut collar. Of course, on a turtleneck the tube is more snug, folded over itself. Turtlenecks sweaters are warm but quite tight. However, a cowl neck has a more loose, wide opening, looking slouchy, bunched. Cowl neck means only the collar – so you can find cowl neck tunics, cropped sweaters, or even cowl neck vests. A cowl only frames the neck opening – designers create their wholesale womens sweaters to have jewel necks, boat necks, or even more plunging front. Most cowl necks are made from wool and cotton – I have yet to find a cashmere one, and angora cowlnecks just look quaint.

Regardless of anything, they are easy to wear. You can pair your cowl neck sweater with practically any bottom, from jeans and cargo pants to leggings. They also work well with skirts.

You can wear them easily on an undershirt or over a camisole. Some people claim that the cowl necks won’t fit more busty ladies because they add extra bulk to the upper body. However, some wholesale womens sweaters can be more “horizontal” and minimize a large bust if chosen with care. Simply try the sweater on and evaluate how do you look in it. When trying a cowl neck sweater on, be sure to straighten the cowl – it creates a baggy effect, so you need to look your best. In fact, cowls can be worn in many ways – if you want to, pull it to one side and be more jaunty, or bunch it up.