What is selvage denim? Well, if you can buy selvage jeans they’ll be more durable. Regular jeans also have selvage – it’s the thin, finished edge of the fabric inside the leg that prevents it from unraveling. Usually, the inside edge of the fabric at the seam of regular jeans is simply secured by a double machine sew. But in selvage jeans, this seam edge is completely finished, there’s a single seam marking the edge. If you fold them inside out you will notice a colored strip running along the seam. For many people this is very fashionable – often foreign manufacturers release such mens jeans wholesale thanks to the old-fashioned American looms.

mens jeans wholesaleSo what exactly is selvage denim? Many people think that it’s the same as raw denim, but while raw denim is always selvage denim, selvage denim does not always have to be raw denim. Usually, after being dyed, denim is rinsed and washed. If it’s not, it’s “dry” or “raw”, tougher and rougher than regular denim. Selvage denim is one that’s been sewed using a traditional shuttle loom, producing narrow strips of denim. You needed to use the edge to sew the narrow denim together and create mens jeans wholesale. The word “selvage” comes from “self-edge” – it’s an old-school term for jeans that needed to be sewn this way.

Raw denim is unsanforized – but selvage denim jeans are often sanforized, that is “pre-shrunk”. In the first wash raw denim can shrink up to 10%, and so selvage jeans can be more comfortable. They don’t need to be washed for the first year (just clean the dirty spots and air them), and when you want to wear them, turn them inside out. This way, your denim jeans will adjust to your body. This works both for men and women.