I’m from the jeans generation. My mom never really had an opportunity to wear them, but my generation grew up wearing them… and never really stopped. One of defining questions I tend to consider is “Is it okay to wear jeans for work?”. My boyfriend is also considering this – since he is a teacher. He prefers jeans for daily wear and has no slacks! We both want to purchase cheap jeans – he even thought of buying mens wholesale jeans online.

mens wholesale jeans

But regardless whether you buy retail or mens wholesale jeans, you need to be wary. Many online sellers are trying to pass their knockoffs as the genuine thing! Before you buy, give them a look and determine what jeans you should get.

Diesel jeans, for instance, have a silvery microstitching beneath their logo – in fake ones the stitching looks like cheap aluminium tinsel. Look at the zipper – it should have YKK engraved on it.

True Religion jeans are very often copied… because they’re so expensive. Their tags also have silvery micro stitching, but they’re also recognizable by the inside of the pockets. Look at the logo – it is the famous red Buddha. If it smudges or is not very detailed, the jeans might be a fake. Their zippers also have YKK, but also sometimes their horseshoe logo engraved on them.

Hudson jeans might not have micro stitching on tags, but you should also look at the zipper. Look at the buttons – they are engraved with Hudson USA, and often so are the rivets.

In general, try to google the style number of designer jeans – counterfeits often have random numbers not corresponding with actual styles. Look at YKK brand zippers, micro stitching, and good quality of the stitches and fabric. And remember: if the price on the designer pair of jeans sounds too good to be true, it probably is!