What I hated about my youth is that outside fur coats for the snooty rich there were only two styles of winter jacket: a puffy downy jacket that made my upper body look bloated and parkas. So if I didn’t want to look like a Michelin man I was going to wear a parka. And this meant usually a ski jacket, coming in two colors and with some fake fur around the hood. I couldn’t just get a cheap winter jacket wholesale.

Luckily today we have more options than parkas and downy jackets. I can rock a tall leather jacket or thick woolen coat and don’t spend a fortune on them! They’re warm and practical and very stylish. Woolen coats might not be very waterproof, but many come with a decent lining, so they’re very practical.

winter jacket wholesaleWomen could do well adapting denim jackets for men! Don’t be surprised, often they have a faux wool lining that changes them into great winter wear – and some might even have nice trimming outside. And the pinnacle of perfection would be a tailored denim jacket for women. Sadly, few wholesalers offer winter jacket wholesale like this.

A trench coat is an interesting offer, but the vast majority of trenches out there are fairly thin for the winter. If you don’t experience temperatures below 0 Celsius, they might work for you. As a bonus, they’re fairly waterproof but might not withstand real snow… and they’re often quite fetching since they show your figure.

My new favorite is fleece jackets. Polar fleece made of synthetic fibers (often from repurposed plastic bottles!) combines the best elements of polystyrene and sheep wool. You can find sports jackets made of fleece, which is great for jogging, but more often it’s used as an insulating material or lining. I like to be able to buy several types of fleece tops – from lightweight blouses for hiking to insulated heavy tops for skiing. I can buy winter clothes in boutiques who source wholesale coats, but it’s better if I look at the offer of sports goods store.