I try not to be superficial and prefer the price tag to the designer tag… well, there are some brands I do enjoy, mostly of jeans. I spend probably 60% of my waking hours in jeans, and they get more use than the rest of my trouser collection. If I want to splurge on a designer item… I’d rather spend money on something I’ll, you know, actually, wear rather than a pair of fancy heel I won’t put on. I am quite tall and quite chubby, so I prefer large sizes… and this determines which brands I like. True Religion is never admitting that women can be over 170 cm so they won’t see any penny from me, thank you very much. I’d rather buy wholesale jeans directly from the producer.

I try to shop at an outlet or even thrift stores to get new jeans, so I try not to overdenimize my wardrobe. I limit myself to 14 pieces of anything else than a T-shirt or lingerie – and that includes pants. At the moment I have eight pairs of jeans, mostly blue and two black, some cord, a pair of slacks, and a couple of skirts… and only two pairs are designer jeans. Honestly, there’s plenty of books and cats around there, and I don’t always want to drop $300 on a pair of pants. As a student, I didn’t earn that much in a month!

wholesale jeansMy favorite pair is Rock and Republic – they don’t make my inseam look weird. I hate these low-rise pants, they make my ass drop when I’m sitting or running. Rock and Republic make us tall girls look good. I am a grown-ass woman, however, and I dislike the distressed jeans trend… Mostly because I wear jeans until they fall apart… and for a couple of years more!

My  other part is Lix – they look pretty decent, and they seem more stretchy for me than regular skinnies… but not as stretchy as a pair of cheap jeggings. I can show off my legs and add a nice crisp black top.

Other brands? Well, I bought Levi’s, Grey Ant and Habitual… but at the end of the day, I just get a durable pair from a supermarket and rock these for months. I even considered getting wholesale jeans straight from the producer, but it just seems impractical.