Mary Jane is not just slang for… you know what? Nevermind. Besides, when I hear Mary Jane I think of Spider-Man’s girlfriend. But it turns out that’s also a kind of shoe. Where I live, they’re also called strap shoes or bar shoes – essentially a closed, low-cut shoe with a strap or two across the instep. These classic shoes were initially popular among the kids – in fact, they’re named after the character Mary Jane in an old comic strip Buster Brown. How old? Well, let’s just say that Walt Disney would call it ‘retro’. However, today boutiques source wholesale classic shoes like these to sell them to adult women.

wholesale classic shoes like mary janes can be made of leatherUsually, Mary Janes are made of black leather, faux leather or patent leather, and have one thin sandal-like strap fastened with a buckle. Typically they have a broad, rounded toe box and low heels. What caused their popularity among teenagers and adults was the practicality of the strap. As the youth culture developed, many more young people wanted to come dancing – and the strap ensured that the shoes were more secure.

Mary Janes are a timeless classic, but it evolved with times. Some have quite tall heels and thick soles and are now especially popular with youth subcultures like punks or goths – especially since they clash with torn tops and mesh with pleated skirts. Mary Jane wedges are also popular wholesale classic shoes in stores and warehouses. They can look clunky, but if matched with a flouncy skirt, they can look quite charming. Some sports shoes like sneakers also can come with the strap – they’re great to play tennis or to run in and can be dressy enough even outside of the gym.wholesale

Mary Janes can be worn for the office – they look sensible, don’t distract much and as a bonus often they have a flat sole which is less tiring for your spine. Of course, Mary Jane heels are also often bought and suppliers of wholesale classic shoes sell thousands of them every year: chunky heels combine girlish style with a fun look. It’s a great choice of classic shoes and you could consider them when you purchase them