We talk a lot about styles and color combinations, but have we examined colors themselves? All that talk about fashion combos might be wasted if you don’t consider the colors associations and symbolism. The important question is not whether red suits a blue blazer but whether it suits you and your personality!


Woman In Simple Black DressRed is energetic, exciting, aggressive, and enthusiastic. We have evolved to recognize red first, which is why road signs tend to be red and eye-catching. If you wear a lot of red, you want to stand out from the crowd and grab the attention of the onlookers. Red for women – or at least dark shades of red like burgundy or ruby – is now quite formal, but you will still make an entrance in a red pantsuit.


Pink is a combination of red and white. Hot, neon pinks show energy – light pastel pinks are closer to innocence and peacefulness. Pink is also the color of hope. It’s now associated with femininity, although men can easily wear it. This makes pink quite versatile, especially when contrasting with other vivid colors.


Many Europeans think of blue as of a color of sea and the sky, and so they associate it with calmness, honesty and spirituality. Blue is associated with masculinity, but women wear it quite often. Blue is more peaceful, it’s more of a background color. Pick blues if you have a contrasting message – for instance a white and red message on a T-shirt.


Green is also associated with the sea, but also with forests and nature. Green is a more relaxing, neutral color, representing growth.  Many cultures don’t distinguish between blue and green.


Yellow, reds and orange are the colors we detect quickly. Yellow is also an optimistic color that’s associated with sun and the harvest. Wear yellow if you want to have a positive influence on others.